Interior Design Starter Pack

Interior Design Starter Pack

Gift this 'Interior Design Starter pack' to a loved one this Christmas for a gift that keeps on giving...  A perfect present for anyone who would cherish proffessional guidance to create a balanced, beautiful home. 


A journey of collaboration with Interior designer and organiser Summer Loan. This package is specially crafted as the perfect base for new home owners or an opportunity for a fresh set of eyes on an older home. Sometimes it can be tricky starting totally from scratch, our aim is to create your dream space and give you the tools to continue applying magic touches once we are done. 


The package consists of six phases...

Consultation - An in-depth discussion with an aim for us to understand eachother and our desires for the space. 


Research - Taking measurements of the space and researching themes from the consultation.


Moodboard - A cohesive presentation of proposals that visualise our dreams for the space. 


Layout - Planning the optimum furniture placement strategy. 


Organisation - Integrating personalised organisation techniques so the home can continue to look fabulous for time to come. 


Procurement - A digital file of product suggestions to complete the room.  


When you purchase this gift we will send you or your recipient one of our personalised Sloan Studio invitations in the post so that your loved one has something open on their magical day. They will be able to follow the instructions on the invite to hear about their package in detail and book their first session.



Sloan x


  • How much space does this package cover?


    The package will cover the design of one room, there are no size restrictions. If the recipient wishes to book more time on their room or extend the work to other areas of the home, I will be happy to do this at a reduced rate (10% off design fees).


    Will you need to enter my home? 

    Preferably, Yes. It makes the process much easier and beneficial for both parties if we can experience the space together to better understand it's needs. However I will be happy to work remotely and via Zoom on request, I may just have to ask you more questions than usual! 


    What restrictions are you taking for Covid?

    I am operating a Covid-Safe business, I will wear a mask and gloves whilst in your home. 


    How long do I have to use my Gift?

    You have one year to use your gift. Bookings must be made on request and are subject to availability.


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