"I create spaces that evoke emotions, for all kinds of people, for all different reasons"

Summer Loan

Sloan Studio, run by Summer Loan is a multi-practicing design studio based in London, outcomes ranging from sculpture to interior design. The Studio works with natural materials through all mediums of work, clay, timber and fabrics creating a base that connects you to the space with an innate pull. 

As an Interior Designer, Loan creates a Unique space with every client, focussing on how the clients use the spaces everyday and creating creative solutions for a home. Drawing on timeless contemporary and traditional beauty, elevated by an eccentricity that comes from a pure love of character. 


The studio enjoys a level of richness from a carefully curated collection of colour, art, bespoke, antiques and texture that becomes timeless and honest. 

Sloan studio connects with independent craftspeople and designers across London to bring visions to fruition with balance. 

Summer began as an installation artist and sculptor before completing her BA Architecture and Interior design (Hons) from the University of Arts London with ARB Part 1 Architecture. Following this she has resumed the manifestation of Installation and Sculptural artworks alongside design practice. 


Sloan studio explores musings of connection and humanity in her artwork, to create abstract and emotionally stimulating pieces, made to be exhibited as collections as she deepens each evolving train of thought. 

Her artwork is grounded in balance and perspective, with concepts emerging from the emotional indulgence of Renaissance and Pre-raphelite artworks, themes of voyeurism and the power of human and natural life, relationships and connection to name a few. 


Interior Design

Set Design 

Artistic Direction 

Spatial Design 

Sculptural Commissions

Installation Commissions

Studio 6

Unit 16, Arebyte Studios

Harmony Building

E14 0QE


Tel: 07957775603

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