MCQUEEN, Commercial Interior

The Concept for this design is to create an immersive space that invokes curiosity based on themes that run through the work of Alexander Mcqueen, Primarily the Mythical. A series of transitional spaces which provide both a playfulness and exclusivity that mirrors the McQueen aesthetic. 


The proposed design is a spatial embodiment of the 'World of Mcqueen', the existing concept currently represented through the bespoke baroque panelling throughout the other London stores. Based on the myth of the centaur, I have taken features from the environments he was depicted to exist within, that I feel invoke feelings of mystery or the preternatural to create an interior landscape. 


Features of these environments consist of a density of space, which not only restricts vision but creates the feeling of being all encompassed, this was particularly apparent in landscapes all encompassing with nature. The presence of water which in many cultures and fiction alike is believed to have a variety of different transcendental qualities. 


One of these locations - Pelion, Greece - have a style of Pelion architecture contrived of three storeys. The Pelion tower struck me and was my first inspiration for playing with architectural forms within the space. 

The space consists of a series of transitional spaces which encourage curiosity and give a sense of hierarchy to the products displayed in the space. The main tower contains the lift shaft which is only accessible by key belonging to staff and is the only way to access the second floor containing changing rooms and till point, loyal customers are rewarded with the exclusivity of access to these areas. The Dark tunnel closest to the entrance provides a bridge to the designers sanctuary(Library), its is pitch black and the user must pass a sensor towards the end of the tunnel to trigger the pivot door, this provides a playful element and retains the exclusivity of the members of the library also. The final two light tunnels are lined with LED lights that trace the users movement before they reach the shoe forest and another collection.