The Resort, Interior

Shoreditch is the epitome of the current market of novelty, we are seeking novelty in every experience, even those we were once more than happy with, new and old businesses are forced to bring something new to the table. 

The main focus for this design is to create a hotel spa environment with elements of both retro-futurism and nostalgia. This nudist spa is aimed at those familiar with the city looking for time out or those looking to enjoy a new unusual atmosphere.

Britain was once one of the countries at the forefront of nudism but we in turn became more prudish than ever. However in recent years looks like we may be making it out the other side with protests of humanity such as ‘Free The Nipple’. 

The tiered element of the design is reference to retro European holiday resorts and the forms of nature we see in naturally formed water pools, It creates an unusual social atmosphere in that everyone is always descending to a central communal point and in doing so you are no longer an ’I’ the moment you step out your door. An intriguing sense of anonymity within a community. 


Conceptual Project

Nudist Hotel + Spa

Advertising Offices 

Rooftop Bar and Spa