How to lay a beautiful ‘tablescape' when you’re a Hot Mess…

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Calling all of you that need a table on a budget and a fast turn around, this very special guide is gonna walk you right through it… don’t have a three piece dinner set? No problem. Below are my hot mess tips for pulling together a semi-magazine worthy table!

Quick tip: The charity shop is your friend - a run to see if they have some quirky crockery, glassware or servers will do you the world of good - I didn’t do that this time because I practically live there.

Favourite: Choose one favourite item that you want to use for the scene, everything will fit around this.. for me it was these Soho Home x Anthropologie Hand glazed plates!

Tablecloth: Select the tablecloth you want to set the tone with - otherwise any piece of fabric (vintage?) or just take down a curtain or bed sheet if you need to - bet you’re realising how many ‘tablecloths' you have now!

Crockery: To make the whole thing purposeful and bougie you’ll need a charger plate or place mat - Try using a cheese board, tray, napkin, tile or any other flat object you can find two of - or maybe they are all different? Call it personalised!

Glassware: What are you drinking? Using the correct glass makes you look like you have your shit together. In fact use two! If your drinking alcohol use another for water, and for breakfast one juice, one coffee? Also using a Carafe or Cafetiere adds something larger to the table.

Accessories: Run around the house searching for any homewares that fit with the vibe or the colour scheme. Think - Vase, trinkets, candlesticks or other objects! You will want napkins and napkin rings if you have them… you can also use a tea towel - tie one end in a knot and fluff it a bit. Voila!

Food: Put some of the stuff you are serving in small dishes, serving bowls or platters. Always do this for sauces and salad - otherwise it depends what other stuff you are serving and how big your table is! You should be keeping an eye out for getting height variation on the table - Think tall candle stick, small sauce pot, medium sized salad server etc…

Flowers: Go into the garden and cut a few flowers to put in a vase, If you don’t have flowers any thing that grows works. Maybe that vine that your neighbour has that sometimes creeps onto your side? That will do. After that… I don’t know… a branch? It will look arty I promise.

Now I feel like you smashed it! Great job. Leave your plant scissors on the table, knock over some wine or coffee beans, put on the mood lighting and let everyone comment on how fabulous it is to come to you for dinner, until you all turn into hot messes dancing to Miley Cyrus’ new track - I didn’t even think I liked her?

S Loan x

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