Path lined with heavy velvet curtains in muted colours, two eighties style women feature in the scene, one woman speaks into a suspended microphone at the end on the store.

“Everyone has something to contribute in the ‘future of fashion’ conversation”

TALA hosted their first pop up in 2017 to celebrate the launch of their new sustainable active and loungewear brand. Following an amazing turnout the brand has continued to gain traction through social media campaigns and most recently an exclusive collab with ASOS.

Paving the way, TALA “hold sustainability and ethical manufacturing at our core.” Here for the values of the conscious, with inclusivity and transparency at the helm. A combination of their popularity on social media and online platform TALA TALKS have directed our vision towards a concept store, where everyone has something to contribute in the ‘future of fashion’ conversation.

The Tala core ranges for A/W 20 consist of multiple fit styles each coming in around 8 different colours. This mix and match style operation has inspired the Core Colour Collections concept. The store is lined with heavy recycled velvet curtains on both sides, behind each one stands a curation of garments in the selected colour way.

With a take on the 80s dance studio vibe - the height of the stretchy activewear aesthetic - the mirrored ceiling increases the sense of drama, where once hit, the full height curtains continue to span into the sky. This also perpetuates a feeling of space and light in the store, alleviating the density of the curtain lined walkway.

Behind the curtains, the walls are clad in a ‘washed fabric’ effect panelling and ‘randomly’ placed extruding pegs provide front facing placement for each collection.

Towards the back of the store a secondary function comes into play. As mentioned above TALA is actively paving the way in conscious fashion, not only creating it, but having important conversations and dishing out great advice. The exponential growth of social media has shown us that everyone’s voice is valuable and the more we have in the sustainability game, the better!

Introducing the TALA TALKS Podcast Platform*. Take a seat on our sofa - a work of art in itself - and drop a few soundbites into our suspended mic.

This has been designed as a space where everyone can share, and also have their voice heard. It encourages customers to share their tips and tricks on making their clothing last longer, how to make your wardrobe more sustainable or advocating for women rights in the gym and the workplace. As well as providing a space to host live discussions with Tala representatives.

Passionate about transparency, The Tala Talks sofa is exactly that, filled with remnant and waste fabrics that their suppliers use to create many of their recycled fabrics.

A series of three sectional drawings of the tala pop up store. one shows the layout of products behind curtains. the second shows the curtains in situ. The third shows the peg board display system.

“WE ARE SUSTAINABLE STYLE - we hold sustainability and ethical manufacturing at our core.

WE ARE ACCESSIBLE - sustainable style that doesn’t cost the earth.

WE ARE A CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY - we care about how our clothes are made and we know who makes them.

WE ARE INCLUSIVE - representing whatever makes you, YOU.

WE ARE TRANSPARENT - we hold ourselves accountable for every aspect of our supply chain and want to share every step with you.

WE ARE PAVING THE WAY - we partner with facilities across the globe to use the very best in sustainable processes and materials to bring you the best in sustainable style.”

TALA (2021)

You will see throughout this series of projects, my values are clear and the brands I wish to work with share these values.

This is why T/ALA is my first in this series - not only because I love their product! I believe if we are passionate about our work it is not only motivating personally but infectious to others.

This is a space that encourages customers to not only take photos but to share their voice and think carefully about what to say when they do, particularly in the second realm.

Sloan x

*Note: This is a Self Initiated project, used by Sloan Studio as an exploration of the future of retail spaces. This was not created in collaboration with Tala themselves.

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