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LÈ PUP - Meaning "Happy Pup" in Chinese - is a luxury dog clothing brand, currently specialising in clothing for Iggy’s, known formally as Italian Greyhounds. Their own pup Tofu runs front and centre of their visuals, her iconic poses inspiring pups around London. Tofu (Dòufu) works as the fit model for brand creator Lewei Leong, as she iterates and perfects the bespoke patterns for new designs from her home in Brick Lane, London.

Their vibrant fabrics, high quality craftsmanship and unrivalled customer service have formed the pillars of this abstract design strategy. Gathering references from Chinese and South Korean outlets to create a balance of playful minimalism.

The space consists of a series of interactive elements, toys, for both owners and their Iggy’s. The objects can be used in tandem, similar to an agility course, an activity the breed is known to naturally excel at.

The concept of the pop up is not to show the customer products, it is to embrace them into the shared vision and values of LÈ PUP. The space is designed to encourage customers to play, interact, spend some time and to laugh whilst their dog does the same. It is a light hearted space, full of joy.

We have included a platform in the centre of the room, here doggy customers can be measured and fitted for their bespoke onesies or practice perfecting the Tofu poses, it is the best spot in the house for a photoshoot. Other elements are a social tug of war ball, slalom wiggle and mini mountain.

Discovery and exploration are also concepts for our human customers. Fabric samples are fitted to a series of levers recessed into the west wall. This means that as the customer interacts to reveal further swatches, they are also experiencing the feel of the fabrics, be it 100% organic cotton jersey, wool or other! We are putting emphasises on the sensory experiences that cannot be had online.

The west wall is extruded to allow for recessed shelving clad in a light plywood. The each shelf unit has a sliding door which can be moved by customers to reveal the product behind, not only does this encourage another level of interactivity for our customers but it also allows the store to retain a sense of minimalism and more photo ready angles, the space can be adapted for the customers needs - and quickly.

All materials are easy clean and sleek in finish, tiled floor and rubber coated objects.

The rock and plywood are used to contrast and ground the space. The totalitarian use of man made materials can provide a whimsical space but we are dealing with animals, even humans too. A dose of nature confronts us with the environments we have evolved from and reminds us that we should not strip them of their natural doggy desires.

Sloan x

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